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Providing daily meals to refugee children in Uganda’s Kiryandongo refugee camp is an aim of My Wow Factor Charity.  These refugee children have fled the horrors of war in the Congo and South Sudan.  The long-term ramifications of refugee camps are devastating.  Refugees’ access to education and a meal is necessary for Kiryandongo.

Fleeing violence, there are also refugees from the Congo and Burundi also arriving in Uganda’s Rwamwanja refugee camp. They come with only the belongings they can carry. Not having access to education is an individual disaster for every refugee child.  These fragile nations are struggling to establish enough stability and security to enable traumatised refugees to return home.  Rebuilding with millions of uneducated people could become a national catastrophe.

Your help can take hunger out of these refugees’ daily reality.  Support a refugee today, that’s My Wow Factor.  Thank you.

Project Location: Uganda

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