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The Kisenyi Slum is dangerous and home to the most hardened people who dare to live there.  This project offers boys an opportunity to choose to transform their lives.

The boys that want to change move to the project’s transition house; while we search for their family, they catch up on school work.  Scholarships are for boys who cannot go back and live with their families.  This project has a boarding school where the boys can stay until they graduate.

The prerequisites are that the boys must come to the meetings here, wash every day, and stay off drugs.  They have to prove to us that they want what we are offering and will change their behaviour to obtain it.

They have a midday meal, and the team runs daily classes, encouraging the boys that there is a life beyond where they are at right now.

So, it’s essential that they show us they are ready to change their lives.  Until then, we will work with them and hope they will be ready soon.  You can be a part of their transformation by giving generously to My Wow Factor Charity.  Thank you.

Project Location: Uganda

Together through our projects we can help change lives and communities all over the world.
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