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Caring for Project Special Needs China will give special needs children a better quality of life and a brighter future, which are the aims of this project.  The My Wow Factor charity is partnering with the Chinese Orphan’s Assistance team, a non-profit organisation located in Jiaozuo, in Henan Province.

Since 2013, these children have received education at the Xi Wang Le Yuan school.  The school building is now a registered, model special school within the Jiaozuo Social Welfare Institute.  This school now educates the children from the institute as well as the homes.  The vocational training program (Qi Ming Xing) has been established as a program to earn income.  This program prepares older students for their adult lives.  The project employs and trains more than 40 local staff members by qualified, Western-trained volunteers in conjunction with the local government.

Give now, and be the change for children with special needs.  Thank you.

Project Location: China


This year, 2017 there are 37 children with a range of disabilities from vision and/or hearing impairment to severe brain damage.  The project's aims for these children are to equip them for life’s difficulties and help them reach their full potential and where possible be adopted by loving and caring families.

Together through our projects we can help change lives and communities all over the world.
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